We are a small digital label run by working musicians based in the UK focused on releasing quality music of any genre that goes undetected by the radars of major labels.

woody guthrie

The WoodenGun Story....

We believe that music can once again be a force for good, a force for change - music has become unpoliticised, scared of making a statement. We want to go back to a time when musicians were political speakers and music was a catalyst of change...the guitar a wooden gun, a non-violent weapon that could change the minds and lives of millions of people; that could change the world without any death or brutality. As Woody Guthrie wrote across his guitar: "This machine kills fascists".

The label was started in 2011 by producer Olly Heriz and is run from his Beatcave Studio in deepest darkest Devon. The label was launched with the release of Melosa's debut album 'A New Chapter' and is currently signing new artists and booking in releases both produced in house and elsewhere for release in 2016.

Olly Heriz has been making and producing music for the last 16 years and has worked on all sides of the music industry from band management, live sound, djing, playing around the Uk at festivals and indoor venues as well as studio production and composition. He is the producer behind the Small World Orchestra and a large amount of Melosas back catalogue as well as working on many other side projects.